O2O cross-border into the community of Wuhan, said two years to open 130 stores

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 181

[Billion state power network news] May 23 news, more and more cross-border O2O experience store in north and south. Informed billion state power network, Aussie supermarket 'Mashi Will' opened recently in Wuhan East Lake Garden.

It is the first community in Wuhan supermarket imported goods, mainly engaged in milk, baby snacks, health care products, wine, daily necessities, beauty and other commodities.

The supermarket in the main cross-border O2O mode, entity and reality combine offline mall, consumers in the store experience scan code, goods from overseas direct mail service.

According Mashi Weir, head of China Gao Jie introduced Mashi Will the next two years plans to set up 130 stores in the cross-border experience O2O Hubei Province, Wuhan is located in most high-end community, through overseas direct sourcing model, reducing costs while ensuring the SKU number richness.

According billion state power network is understood that the recent cross-border O2O experience stores around the country there are flowers everywhere trend, but mostly offline store presence less traffic, limited SKU number, general merchandise trade accounted for most of the problems can only scan code online shopping We bought the store can no longer allows cross-border direct debit imports very few people interested.

201 600 000 000 cross-border e-commerce summit state · Only shopping is the only way

O2O cross-border into the community of Wuhan, said two years to open 130 stores

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Traditional Chinese: 跨境O2O進武漢社區 稱兩年要開130家店

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