Circle of friends were robbed of children pass Qionglai police rumor: Parents fight child cited misunderstanding

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 214

Sichuan News Network Chengdu, May 23 (Reporter Liu Peipei recently circulated on the network one on Qionglai area were robbed children of news has aroused widespread concern of Internet users. The truth of the matter in the end how it? Noon today, the Sichuan News Network reporters from Qionglai police learned that this event is a rumor, Report, said 'So far, about Qionglai Municipal Public Security Bureau did not grab the children and trafficking in children receiving the alarm, the masses do not want to not believe rumors pass rumors.'

Sichuan News Network reporter learned that recently, suddenly appeared in the micro-channel circle of friends a message about 'sheep An Plaza happen to grab the child,' and lead to a lot of forwards. Qionglai City Public Security Bureau sheep security police station after receiving the relevant alarm, attention and immediately organized the police intelligence police investigation and verification.

: 1 year, 7 months, Liu XX, his mother and his father Liu Mao Moumou marital disputes, in at 16:00 on the May 21, 2016 altercation in sheep An Plaza, occurs when the two sides fighting for his son Liu XX pulling. alarm, security police station in coordination with the sheep, the two sides agreed to go to court to resolve this dispute through legal channels.

This year, the sheep Town area no trafficked children robbed of cases. Further spread of the circle of friends 'Qionglai area stole five children ...... Chongqing C36868 Audi cars at the school gate to grab a child ...... Qionglai more than a hundred traffickers gang 'and other information without empirical investigation, the Department of unverified information publisher, fiction fabricated. the large number of Internet users do not rumor, pass rumors, believe rumors, the public security organs malicious fabrication, walking false information to disturb public order, according to the law pursue its legal responsibility.

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Traditional Chinese: 朋友圈傳邛崍有人搶孩子 警方辟謠:父母爭孩子引誤會

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