Why should we pursue goodness up faith?

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Recently, I have been asking myself, why should we pursue goodness up faith?

Shijiazhuang elderly Wentai Ying, 13 years, selling more than 40 million plastic bottles, the donation of several million. Asked him why? He said, 4 years old his parents died, his brother and relatives were led away from their own snacks 'Lecture rice 'grown up now just want to do whatever things Thanksgiving society.

24-year-old girl with cerebral palsy Wang Yajing, curled up his right arm in the chest, left arm kept swinging to one side lose netizens called her 'chin Girl', waist, perseverance, she said: I was a match to let people see the light in the dark.

Beginning of Zhou Hui, who lives in Hefei and son in a restaurant for dinner, the proprietress was suddenly vicious fugitive 8 Lian Tong knife. Faced with the threat suspect, there is a closed box for guests to choose from, sit on the sidelines. Zhou Hui mother go regardless of personal safety, desperately and criminals won the knife. later, someone asked Zhou Hui, after no regrets. Zhou Hui said, 'I do not regret it, because through it to know that my son had so brave.'

Why should we stick up demand for good faith? Because we believe that in this world there is love, there is strong, there is justice in this world than good, less bad guys. This is a world worthy of our love, to adhere to good, positive energy to deliver social .

Watching the 60-year-old Wen Taiying Shijiazhuang, by scavenging for this livelihoods, but still with a thankful heart of society, free of charge for the donation, the donation is 13 years. Welfare difficult? Not difficult. There are thousands and thousands of Wan Wen Taiying is not difficult, a difficult one P Plus support, which is the Chinese tradition, from generation to generation, already integrated into our blood, we only need to arouse the masses to participate in public heart, let the public welfare donations open and transparent allow donors to send their heart.

Watching the 24-year-old girl with cerebral palsy Wang Yajing, listening to her say the phrase 'I am a match, let the people see the light in the dark.' We are not ashamed, able-bodied, but complains of social injustice, always complaining find jobs in slack excuse listen Wang Yajing 'I am a match, let the people see the light in the dark.' how people with disabilities, and people with disabilities can contribute to society, like, the same can illuminate for her people.

Zhou Hui looked at the mother and child, what we want to say, in the face of vicious fugitives, face bloody scene, Zhou Hui and mother desperate criminals won the knife, the hotel proprietress save lives. Road indignant roar, courageous and not worth stick He commended it?

Why should we stick up for good faith? Because we adhere to because we have the power, because we adhere to the preservation of heating, in order to overcome the mass alone. It is precisely because of keep the faith, we all the way forward, farther and farther , more and more followers. (coyote

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Traditional Chinese: 我們為什麽要追求向上向善的信念?

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