Hainan defense team beaten by drunken hotel staff detained and expelled ten days

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Haikou, South China Sea Network May 23 news (South China Sea Network reporter Gao Peng) May 23, network transmission Guoxing police defense team beaten by the hotel desk clerk got drunk, Qiongshan police quickly involved in the investigation and verification, according to the law of the batterer Chen Mouhua (male, 37 years old, Qiongshan District Politics and Law Committee of the defense team, now Guoxing police station to assist in security defense work) security detention ten days to be punished, and approved by the Qiongshan District Politics and Law Committee agreed that the process Chen Mouhua be dismissed.

It is understood that at 0:10 on May 23 Xu, Chen Mouhua got drunk in Qiongshan District, Haikou City Road, Hing Dan Hotel crown of the first floor desk in the map view, requires the clerk to open the rest room Mou, his wife and other room to re-pay the money due Mou Chen Mouhua did not quite understand what to say, the two sides had an argument, beat Li Mou Chen Mouhua. hotel after the alarm, police will take Guoxing both return Hing police station.

Eventually, Chen Mouhua Mou 1500 yuan one-time compensation, an apology to the Mou, Li Mou get understanding, because Chen Mouhua assault, according to the Public Security Bureau Qiongshan << Security Administration Punishment Law >> provisions of which impose law and order detention for 10 days of punishment. the investigation, Chen Mouhua May 22 a non-working hours.

Qiongshan Public Security Bureau Party would have been the first time Chen Mouhua assault case and order punishment cases reported to the District Politics and Law Committee, Chen Mouhua recommend expulsion, Party Politics and Law Committee has agreed to deal with Chen Mouhua be dismissed.

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Traditional Chinese: 海南聯防隊員酒後毆打酒店服務員被拘十日並開除

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