Nanjing, a truck spill spread within 5 kilometers 10 minutes more than the car slips

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 217

Truck spill spread 5 km

10 minutes in oil slipped more than a dozen vehicles

Southern reported net (correspondent reporter Wang Rong Liu Chau truck engine oil leak, 5 km long road has the oil, less than 10 minutes, more than a decade motorcycles and electric bicycles slip. Jiangning ri squadron traffic police brigade received a report after the cooperation with the sanitation workers, with mud, sand and other road cover, ensure road traffic safety unobstructed.

Recently, the Valley Traffic Police received a report, the first Avenue of cattle, and crossroads along the road Feng Ya Road, a large number of vehicles leak oil spill area extending five kilometers, with serious impact on the safety of passing vehicles. Traffic police rushed to the scene, less than 10 minutes away from the oil spill, there have been more than a dozen motorcycles and electric bicycles slip in oil in order to prevent traffic accidents, traffic police quickly to ease traffic flow and avoid pollution road, together with sanitation workers with yellow sand, soil covering oil, more than two hours later, the investigation is a security risk, the road to restore flow.

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Traditional Chinese: 南京一貨車漏油蔓延5公裏 10分鐘內十余輛車滑倒

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