Baiyun Airport 2016 "Open Office Airport" Send your feedback two weeks after the deadline

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May 23, 2016 Baiyun Airport 'open to do the airport service big promotion' activities to collect opinions (Apr 28 - June 6) There are two weeks away from the deadline for your comments and suggestions on travel, to win. opportunity million prize there! this activity since the start, won the majority of passengers, the active participation of the community, since more than 20 days, the parties received more than 650 comments and suggestions from across the country, online and offline, many of the 'Golden ideas' and is closely related to public travel, full of creativity.

Up to now, more than 650 items of 'Golden Ideas' preliminary collect aggregate, a total of ten areas covered airport services, including messaging, security services, logo guidelines, create an atmosphere, security punctuality, special services, entertainment, branding, cultural experience humane care, are from different angles to Baiyun Airport practicing CAA 'truth' provides a wider range of reference and reference.

Many passenger's 'Golden Ideas' are related to travel with you, including the 'senior citizen' air services, for the first time took the opportunity navigation services as 'senior citizen' made aviation services business is an extension of the existing 'no accompany the elderly 'air services, after the sons and daughters pay the service fee to the aviation sector, not only in charge of aviation services to the elderly to provide medical, ticketing, waiting, boarding, care of the road, but also for their destination to be served, transfer and other services. there the people suggested that in the Internet age, the airport should have, based on the physical bookstore, adding distinctive e-book downloads or sales, irritable mood reduce waiting time, allowing more people to enjoy the journey reading time. there are guest recommendations southern rainy season under that provides free hair dryers, dryers and other details of the service; the first opportunity for some visitors, in a large airport is easy to 'confused', some people recommend the airport can be introduced 'for the first time took the opportunity to navigate the service.'

Since 2012, held an 'open service big run airport promotion' activities since the Baiyun Airport received a total of passengers and the community opinions and suggestions 5375, a total of 148 'Golden Ideas' awards, including 'Mobile APP', 'smart carts', ' Air passenger service area extension, '' perfect airport Wifi ',' Release Features festive air services ',' provided aircraft cockpit simulation 'and 108' Golden ideas 'has been transformed into reality passenger travel service experience. this year Baiyun Airport and continuous optimization the number of services at the international border at entry 15 new self-service inspection of equipment, the fastest passenger clearance buffet only takes 30 seconds; terminal upgrade free WIFI, Beacon accelerate network construction, when the passengers in the terminal 'shake a shake 'to achieve the building positioning and navigation; and' capsule hotel 'or' sleep box 'and other services during the year is also expected to meet with visitors.

By the majority of visitors and residents can log on the official website of the Baiyun Airport (, email ( ), Writing e-mail (address: Guangzhou Baiyun International AG Southern District Office Building Room 425 Zip Code: 510470), and terminal information desk on-site to fill a variety of ways to participate in this year's event your feedback time is drawing to a close, interested. public participation quickly Oh! activity selection results will be announced in mid to late July.

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Traditional Chinese: 白雲機場2016“開放辦機場”意見征集2周後截止

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