Were reported involving injustice, Jiangsu Jiangyan respond properly promoted Prosecutor: No favoritism

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Flagged handling two miscarriages of justice in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province Jiangyan district procuratorate cadres Yu Xiaoping, still to be properly promoted.

May 23, Jiangyan Economic Development Zone Discipline Work Yuan Shuji (www.thepaper.cn surging to confirm the news, the former chief Yu Xiaoping Jiangyan procuratorate reconnaissance and supervision has been completed before the transfer, officially became the director of Jiangyan Zone Attorney .

Two cases were the parties to express their dissatisfaction

According surging News previously reported, April 25, Jiangyan District Organization Department issued public information office cadres. Among them, Yu Xiaoping aspiring jiangyan Procuratorate Attorney Development director, was promoted to vice section.

The incumbent public release after being questioned.

Two different people to surging news that Yu Xiaoping during Jiangyan procuratorate office, has single-handedly created the two miscarriages of justice, causing both suffered unrighted wrong.

Pan Huiwen from Shanghai, said he was not authorized Yu Xiaoping level of business. Related verdict shows that in April 2009, Pan Huiwen was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement of Tianjin public security. July 2010, Jiangyan Taizhou City People's Court has sentenced Pan Huiwen of six months imprisonment, confiscation of property of 275,000 yuan.

Since then, Pan Huiwen refused to accept the appeal to the Taizhou Intermediate People's Court in September 2011, this case back to the Court of Taizhou Jiangyan Court for retrial.

May 23, 2012, Jiangyan people's court Pan Huiwen not guilty, released immediately, Pan Huiwen one-time compensation for the loss of 300,000 yuan. Jiangyan City People's Court that the prosecutor accused Pan Huiwen acts constitute crimes committed, the evidence insufficient, accused not guilty.

Pan Huiwen said, when he Jiangyan procuratorate (Note: At the end of 2012 changed the original Jiangyan county jiangyan indictment Deputy Chief of Yu Xiaoping, made his indirect injustices 'Although he is not a case of me prosecutor, but he is how when the pair chief? '

September 2013, Pan Huiwen went to the People's Procuratorate jiangyan application file 'investigation then falsely accused him,' Yu Xiaoping and Li Jianzhong come forward reception. At that time, the prosecution replied that although Pan Huiwen eventually acquitted, but 'not to say the fact does not exist, only the courts and qualitative understanding of the case is controversial, 'so he does not exist is false. in this regard, Pan Huiwen was very unhappy that there is Yu Xiaoping harboring suspects.

Another named Zhou Yujiang party. According to the relevant indictments and judgments, in 2006, Jiangyan City People's Procuratorate accused Zhou Yujiang guilty of related crimes, the prosecution Jiangyan City People's Court. Acting inspector Yu Xiaoping appear in court to support the prosecution.

After hearings, the court found that Zhou Yujiang jiangyan people guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to nine years eleven months, deprived of political rights for two years, confiscation of property 348,980 yuan.

Since then, Zhou Yujiang appeal was dismissed Taizhou City Intermediate People's Court upheld the original verdict.

In 2010, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Procuratorate to lodge a protest against Zhou Yujiang case, ruling that the trial error of fact, the trial ruled that improper application of the law. May 15, 2014, Jiangsu Taizhou Intermediate People's Court Zhou Yujiang guilty.

Zhou Yujiang news reporters to express emotion, then let him unjustly even to the prosecutor Yu Xiaoping promoted, really puzzling.

Prosecutors: No Yu Xiaoping have favoritism behavior

May 5, Jiangyan District Organization Department official told news reporters surging confirmed they had received reports about Yu Xiaoping insufficient level of business materials, and has been reported to the Organization Department of the leadership, the leadership will carefully study the material and multi-understand the situation, to identify whether the cadres qualified new jobs.

May 23, Jiangyan Economic Development Zone Discipline Work Committee Yuan Shuji confirmed Yu Xiaoping before the transfer has been completed, as the Attorney Zone director.

Yu Xiaoping questioned why can withstand normal promotion?

Jiangyan Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General explained that an emotion to the news reporters, Pan Huiwen was arrested in April 2009, while Yu Xiaoping was transferred in March 2009 Kongshen chief, was previously Deputy Chief of Public Prosecution. 'Can so, Panhui Wen and Yu Xiaoping unrelated case. 'the official said.

About Zhou Yujiang case, the responsible person, Yu Xiaoping indeed as prosecutor handling the case, but the case by the public security agencies in the investigation and jurisdiction, Yu Xiaoping just fulfilled the indictment process.

'Zhou Yujiang case does not belong to the absolute innocence, but the legal awareness of the problem.' The person in charge, at that time, the relevant departments of Zhou Yujiang case fact-finding did not differ, but there is no fixed some evidence, insufficient evidence, Zhou Yujiang eventually acquitted .

According to the Deputy Attorney General introduction, after receiving the report, the procuratorate has Jiangyan Yu Xiaoping and talk on the matter, Jiangyan procuratorate has also served on the party organization department report note.

'We believe that there is no favoritism Yu Xiaoping behavior, maintain the recommendation of Comrade Yu Xiaoping.' The official told news reporters surging.

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Traditional Chinese: 被舉報涉冤案,江蘇姜堰回應檢察官正常升職:未發現徇私枉法

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