Shanghai Civilization Pan Xiaonan: OCS two decades

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After addition of Chinese civilization Web Consortium at the Central Civilization Office, the Chinese civilization network leadership and guidance, Shanghai civilization network to a new level is currently 16 counties Shanghai civilized network-wide coverage, has an independent domain name, someone special gang responsible updated daily maintenance, regular production release of all kinds of spiritual civilization thematic online activities, initially formed with Shanghai as the leading network of Shanghai civilization civilization site cluster system. among them, Pudong, Changning, Jing'an, Fengxian four national civilized city civilization network , Xuhui, Jiading, Yangpu, Chongming national civilized city (county civilization nomination district have joined the Chinese civilization network alliance.

National Publicity INSTITUTE is I am very familiar place, I have repeatedly in this 'recycled charge', familiarity with the college as much as several of my alma mater. April 10, 2015, in the second part of the Central Civilization Office network training, I was fortunate to introduce the << Shanghai civilization network official micro-channel 265 days >> test report. If the pc desktop pC Internet era, China started late, but the mobile Internet era, such as Ma said, China is beyond the bend. since July 10, 2014 Shanghai civilization net official micro-channel open, we mainly do the four experiments.

First, the simple thought experiment --- with three minutes Express >> << strung pieces of information. In three minutes Express << >> 'Limited Edition', based on the case of major topics, major festivals, major events, major conferences, we try to launch Express magazine << >> version, do deep processing simple thought experiment gives us a lesson: the human society has already entered the era of information explosion, in this era, but because it was like a huge amount of information like quicksand, there is a sense of divergent Language information desert, they will look for information make yourself feel comfortable oasis.

Second, shared thought experiment --- recycling circle by organizing activities according to the Central Civilization Office, Chinese civilization monthly net 'to promote its abstract' requirements, we experimented with a lot of fun sharing activities .9.20 National Citizen Moral day. Shanghai Civilization net Songjiang, Xuhui, Jiading, Fengxian, Yangpu, Jing'an districts civilization network, micro-channel platform to launch special reports, there are around moral model recommendation, vote heart a good man, a good man 365 pavilions, etc., plotted Shanghai 'good map.' the nature of these activities is shared socialization, and the path of the operation of the organization with the features they bring us a lesson: by sharing activity expanding circle, so that more groups in mass spiritual civilization, to help traditional activities organized pattern to find in the Internet era of the brave breakthrough outlet.

Third, iterative thought experiment --- technical background to get through cross-border allocation of resources. Iterative thinking is a human-centered, iterative, Internet product development methodology orderly and gradual, allowing inadequate, trial and error, in continuous iteration improve the product. during the experiment, we tried to use an iterative thinking to get through subscription number and service number of technical background, the 'central kitchen' concept into all media fusion experiments. central kitchen, 'the ingredients, whether it is from a website background sending or QQ is a link to send, or email attachment, or even a series of micro-letter code, we are available through HTML5 technology, together, sending content to quickly find 'common ground' through 'central kitchen' unified deployment launch. in the public service advertising Examples in this channel broadcasting PSAs prepared 'meal', the 'central kitchen' fully borrowed HTML5 powerful back-end technology, the use of CMS background butt Shanghai civilization network multimedia database platform, FLV streaming media conversion, the PSAs online broadcasting, this appears on the Internet can only be achieved 'great project', to move to the public micro-channel number. April 2015 Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department issued the missionary 'dream baby' animation, we are the first to publish on the Shanghai civilization network micro signal 5 Ministry of unified video, spread through the micro-channel 'move.' In just one hour, the county, all have been commissioned Civilization download within a day, covering the city's main shopping district, including Xujiahui, Joy, never sleeps, Sichuan Road large LED screens, focus media Zhongshan Park, Nanjing road, Wujiaochang, Xinzhuang South Bridge Park and other key building blocks throughout the city of more than 10,000 port is also synchronized scrolling. (the city's main business district of the county and LED screen Focus media building panel comprising a total of five play 'dream baby' series, including 'FIG said that our values' animated video more than 910,000 times the frequency, the total length reaches 7650 hours.

If we say that Jobs showed in the year 2007 ipad and iphone still something that people can understand (or computer and mobile phone, then today's multi-axis unmanned aircraft, unmanned vehicles, 3D printer, wearable devices, intelligent machines pack donkeys, robot chef, is that people can not imagine things before those things out. humanoid robot not only equipped with voice recognition technology, attitude control technology, but also has emotion recognition technology, keen on people's facial expressions, tone and emotion emotions can be identified and in accordance with the content of the dialogue, and news and information from the Internet to change their facial expressions, movements, smooth dialogue with humanity from Nokia's 3D panoramic camera to Mars rescue <<> version of VR, technology and content continue to make virtual iteration combined with the reality and the film more closely .VR movie is in its infancy, and everyone will guess what will happen in the coming years. in our life, known as the 'customers first' design will only reach the screen can . to create a sense of immersion only with the arrival of new opportunities for VR, the audience will no longer isolated from the equipment, however, this is an exciting time - the user is pushed into the scenario and give them a story

100 years ago, no one could imagine that there will be a tool called the Internet enables us to exchange information with people all over the world at any time in 10 years, no one can imagine how a small hand-held device to work, entertainment , shopping, banking, then, another twenty years, our world will become like? (Shanghai Civilization Pan Xiaonan) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 上海市文明辦潘曉楠:觸網二十年

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