Children are motorcycle chain squeeze two fingers off, kind of brother bolted Jinan hospital treatment success

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After at 16:00 on May 21 more minutes, the taxi driver Lu Song master QT3732 passengers to the orthopedic hospital door, is preparing to shift to the east and the night shift driver, a couple holding a child frantically ran to the taxi front, urging Song master: 'master, quickly go to Jinan,' Song master found the arms of a child's finger is bleeding, the father legs are also blood, know the situation is critical, so they immediately turn around and said nothing to the high-speed intersection. ran. originally they were charges County town of Fang Yan Zhuang village, the child was only a year old, to be broken motorcycle chain squeeze two fingers, Linyi orthopedic hospital treatment can not see serious condition, it is recommended they go to Jinan hospital. children's father dialed 110, Linyi police motorcades escort them on the highway. According to Song master speaks, the way children piercing cry of pain fainting several times. Song also gave master speeding in ensuring the safety of the running all the way, more than two hours arrived in Jinan. Jinan under the high-speed intersection, has been helping the police in Jinan, Jinan traffic police to help clear the way for 7:00 clock arrival Provincial hospital because Provincial hospital has arranged a dozen surgeries to be done, it is estimated have to wait until noon the next day to finish the long march. the situation is very urgent, you wait too long it will delay the best treatment time, it is simply not in the provincial hospitals. later, Song master Shandong broadcast traffic music DJ Sister Shaw made contact, with the help of Sister Shaw, the link to the Qilu hospital in the evening more than eleven minutes, and finally the child into the operating room, five o'clock or so, then refers to the success of the surgery, the child finger successful treatment, during which parents of the child was scared silly, I do not know how to do, Song has been helping them to contact the master, all the formalities. after surgery, squint Song master in the car for a while, return to Linyi. grateful parents of children crying, I do not know how to thank the strangers Song master! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 孩子兩根手指被摩托車鏈條擠斷,好心的哥狂奔濟南醫院成功救治

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