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BEIJING, Nanjing, May 23 (Reporter Cui Jiaming) in the new global round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the development of the Internet has become an irresistible trend of the times. 23, the China Economic Information Association executive vice president, Beijing Dean of the college professor at the University of Posts and Telecommunications POSTS said in a keynote speech at Yangzhou first Internet Conference, 'who embrace the Internet depth, whose probability of success will be relatively large.'

On that day, Professor POSTS from the application, business and economic point of view the Internet to talk about his 'Internet + Opportunities and Challenges,' some of the views. He said, 'the moment around the supply side in deepening structural reforms, the reason is very simple, what economists? economists from both demand and supply point of view the problem, if we need to go is not very smooth, we will go to the supply side. demand is doing what? stimulate demand do incremental, and Save the stock supply is doing. that is, the supply-side reform is to correctly handle the relationship between the stock and incremental. we are not lack of demand, we have a lot of capacity and supply to the inventory problem is due to lack of demand and supply-side of a connection bridge, and we believe the Internet is the most likely to have important bridge within the next decade. '

'Today the role of the network is changing the way we work and live, the emergence of the network, a network industry also developed countries like the United States to resolve its economic crisis in the process of a product, but also solve the problem of its supply-side product.' POSTS said. he reminded the participants live, Internet usage is actually a very good starting point for us to solve the supply-side reforms.

Over the past few years has been to see the Chinese store operators complain that electricity providers to grab their business, banks complain Alipay robbed of their business, we call this the transfer value. 'Over the past five or six years have been asking yourself a question, I have been thinking about the Internet is it just substitute others? Internet can not create new value? 'Tingjie question and answered, the Internet in order to create value, it must be the social productive forces of the three factors of production, producers and what tools.

Now what stage of development of the Internet? Internet 1.0 is a desktop, Internet Jobs 2.0 is defined by entertainment and consumer mobile Internet, Steve Jobs pulled the popularity of mobile phones. Today the Internet is widely used in the production of tools.

Tingjie that the 'Internet +' There are six trends: the value of the network, data assets, let the interconnection of all, the core of security, ecological reconstruction and combined with the actual situation in which the ecology of the reconstruction, POSTS said, bear the brunt. the financial sector, 'here today, we could have used a mobile phone transfer. If one day I bought everything can to stall micro-channel payment, transfer an account to get the phone to pay, we still need to go to the ATM machine do?' 'now Internet +, combines extensive real economy, which is a trend to share economic era is coming, but it is regular, as long as compliance with this law and innovative capacity of the network is very good. I hope you all know that the Internet, to understand the basis of the depth embrace the Internet, so that your probability of success will be relatively large. 'Tingjie said. (End)

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Traditional Chinese: 呂廷傑論道互聯網:誰深度擁抱互聯網 誰成功概率就大

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