US medical electricity supplier is a "pit"! Guangzhou network entrepreneurs talk about low-cost trial and error

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Jinyang News reporter Wu Shan reported: ready to join the US medical electricity supplier industry entrepreneurs, please take a look at a Guangzhou Network Technology founder Ho Movies entrepreneurial experience, in order to avoid falling into entrepreneurship 'pit' in what is a shadow. 90 young last year, by virtue of her 'internet + Medical beauty' of the idea, in one fell swoop to get hundreds of million angel round of funding. according to this idea, she will lead the team to create a 'medical beauty platform' in the plastic surgery hospital and consumption who built a bridge between the future outlook is excellent. However, the actual operation of the idea less than a year, that is declared in transition now, He Ying to join the already large US medical data mining.

Find business opportunities

He first met Movies, you will find that this is a highly innovative thinking of young people at college, she had proposed the 'Ad-for handouts,' the idea - Free print handouts, handouts printed on the back just in advertising. after graduation, she worked editorial, advertising sales and other several jobs. However, the 'business' ideas is always lingering in her mind.

'Last year, I quit my job in Hainan, came to Guangzhou venture.' He Ying said that she wanted to 'medical beauty platform' is mainly based on her understanding of the plastic industry. 'Compare girls beauty will play a Shuiguang pin cushion at the chin, etc. I had contact with at work and relevant industry itself also tried related services. in this industry, if it is a friend in the past, it can be a discount, rebate to the point. I thought, if make a platform, will have more hospitals join, consumers will have more choice? '

According to this idea, He Ying to have plastic surgery needs friends around to do a survey: 'If there is a public comment as the US group buy platform medical beauty, would you go?' The results show that, my friends are very willing to try . 'this has also allowed me to make a preliminary determination of the idea of the US medical platform, because the market demand is very strong, profits are considerable.'

US doctors choose to do platform Another reason is based on shaping the industry all the chaos. He Ying analysis that the current plastic industry there are a lot of qualified cosmetic plastic surgery is no studio and no medical qualifications Youyi, not only to the plastic industry bring potential problems, but also to the interests of consumers suffer. 'to fight the wave of uric acid, for example, a lot of people, often through online orders, then about to open a hotel room to play, or about to call home. some plastic tour Medical training thirty-five days give consumers an acupuncture treatment, so the risk is extremely high. If our uS medical platform, all formal, qualified plastic surgery hospital, the doctor, will attract more consumers? '

Want to clear these questions, He Ying US proposed the idea of the Internet platform for health and success of last year received hundreds of million angel round of funding.

Encounter problems

Obtained after the investment, He Ying to build a small team of six or seven, formally set up their own Network Technology Co. 'Then select 'joint' word, is also hoping to expand.' Then, after a construction site, on-line after the test, the product orthopedic hospital settled platform and a series of work, and finally on the line.

'On-line, we found that did not get the expected results. While the platform is done, but there is no price advantage, the hospital gave us prices and other platforms is the same. Therefore, in order to attract more users to rely on subsidies. for example, the hospital doctors to another uS internet price for a product is 900 yuan, this platform to the consumer price is 699, the difference between the money needed platform for their own subsidies. our little initial investment, it is impossible to rely on subsidies burn of. 'He Ying said that in addition to price, she also found that the internet did not bring more users.

'Shaping the market do big, crucial 'trust'. Before, I recommend a friend to do plastic surgery, personal credit endorsement do support the platform to do later, no one has given platform to endorse credit even recommended platform is a qualified regular hospital, often can not be supported more consumers, because consumers trust the hospital, not only from qualified, more from the 'aesthetic'. 'He Ying explained that consumers recognized standards of surgical failure not the cause of physical disability, but 'does not look good.' 'the standard is very subjective. compared to regular hospital, beauty studio will make more in line with the requirements of the operation according to consumer demand, and therefore does not take into account the risks brought about. in addition, some users do not consume enough rational. I did a survey, those who go to the studio shaping, they tend to believe that this is not a project but a medical beauty behavior. Therefore, they believe that hyaluronic acid is not required to play doctor fight, even a lot of people to hospitals and doctors there is great resentment. '

He Ying said she also found that plastic needs of consumers are not price sensitive. 'Subsidy few hundred dollars, they are not much feeling. Therefore, even if a lot of energy to burn, it may not be able to bring good results . '

Start Transition

He Ying said that in the United States found that the medical platform (Medical US electricity supplier mode nowhere, the company immediately re-positioning in the market. 'Our analysis found that the medical beauty products online is not like Taobao transactions, transactions on consumer buying end. for the uS medical, online purchase is just one aspect, but also for the following line clinic, face consultation to determine the appropriate do not do. So the internet for uS doctors most important trading product is not a solution. we found that, US Internet for health is more important is to solve the problem of asymmetric information. '

He Ying said, 'Before the plastic surgery that consumers want to find people who did the same project, and even the same physical person, it is best with a region. To achieve these objectives rely on Internet search. After surgery, information needs for more high frequency information. for example, ask redness, bruising, scarring situation is normal, etc. just gone like a college entrance examination results and other candidates, so we value this part of the demand, to depart from the big data re-do with a US medical-related products. '

It is understood that this idea has been Baidu's support, has signed a strategic cooperation with Baidu large data future, He will lead a team deep shadow Medical Beauty big data. He Ying said she was willing to tell detours entrepreneurs . 'Please allow a low-cost start-up companies of trial and error.'

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