With a Tibetan town in Guangdong "business card"

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Snow FIG rouland

Guangdong group of cadres Huang Xihua

Text / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wen Jianmin

Figure / Master farming

'To May 22, I Tibet just two months.'

Was friends affectionately known as the 'flower girls' NPC 'star' represents, Huizhou City Tourism Bureau Huang Xihua told Yangcheng Evening News reporter.

'Flower girls' The new identity is Linzhi city government party members, Nyingchi rouland Scenic Area Management Committee secretary the next three years, her main focus will be on a previously unknown town. In fact, this yellow flower fine a group of group of cadres should be in place before July 2016, 'flower girls' as early as four months to report than others, is to promote Guangdong Province from 2011 in Tibet to build a tourism project - international rouland tourist town.

'Flower girls' quickly became one of the town's business card ready to go. 'She should be currently the largest known group of cadres,' an official said Nyingchi.

Edge set Tibet

Everything already threatened.

March 6, 2016, the 'two sessions' The Guangdong delegation Open Day 'star stands for' fine yellow flower suddenly thrown 'Tourism accurate poverty' topic, the success of the national reporters focused its attention to a man named 'Lang' town on.

'In January, I am very honored to Nyingchi tourism projects to conduct research, to see the town after Lulang very shocking, Lang town is a classic case of tourism precise poverty alleviation.'

Huang spent fine team on the floor, said the town's rural tourism Lang led the people from the surrounding agriculture and animal husbandry into a tourism service-oriented, 'Lang just built when the town, surrounded by three villages, 53 simple guesthouse, the per capita income of only 2,000 yuan in 2015 has grown to more than 1,000 devices equipped guesthouse, the per capita income reached 8,000 yuan. '

Four days after the closing of two of the country --3 21, 50-year-old Huang Xihua embarked on a trip to Tibet.

'Because March 23 is the opening of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, in order to better understand and promote tourism in Nyingchi, I was over two sessions to quickly set off.' Huang Xihua told Yangcheng Evening News reporter.

'This is a place my second visit to Tibet, said Tibet is a lifetime must go, but I did not expect this form (Tibet.' Huang Xihua said.

'Flower girls' told Yangcheng Evening News reporter late last year, the organization department talked with her, asked her if she would be willing to go to Tibet. January 2016, the fine yellow flower with an 8-person inspection team went to Tibet. After the visit, she made decided to stay in the Nyingchi. 'the main reason is the scenery here is so beautiful, want to recommend to more people know that this man is a travel occupational diseases. another reason is that I was deeply spiritual group of cadres of here Moving.'

Lang Township

Xiebin Hui was in January 2016, 'flower girls Nyingchi delegation' of one, after the visit, he also became a group of cadres, and the first in the 'flower girls' came to Nyingchi, Nyingchi as Lang Scenic Area Management Committee Bayi District Lang town party secretary and deputy director. In order not to worry about Tibet, his wife also relocated to Nyingchi from Huizhou 'to accompany aid.'

Xie Binhui is spent under the thin yellow Huizhou City Tourism Bureau, China registered senior planner. He does not hide, 'Lang town,' good.

In Xiebin Hui opinion, which lasted five years, Guangdong Province invested over 30 billion to build 'international tourist town Lulang', will become the highlight of a tour of southeastern Tibet, when completed, will make Nyingchi tourism resort facilities have a new breakthrough, make Nyingchi Tourism is entering a new era, but also will become a model for tourism precise poverty reduction.

Starting from Nyingchi, about 80 kilometers to the southeast, over 4720 meters Sejila mountain, to the under construction 'Lulang town.' In the rolling mountains, woodlands, pastures, still a large Tibetan architecture quietly lying on the edge of State Road 318.

Xiebin Hui introduction, the town of 'Tibetan culture, natural environment, holy quiet, modern fashion' for the construction characteristics, will play a high-end tourist resort recreation area, there are only three five-star hotels, will break too few high-end hotels throughout Southeast Tibet situation.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter saw the whole town is still tense construction were mainly interior decoration, paving and supporting construction. Reporters went to the lake for a casual resort area, looking out from the room, lakes, grasslands, forests, mountains, Baiyun turn arranged, endless views.

Guangdong Province, the seventh installment of aid work team leader, Nyingchi Committee, Deputy Mayor Cai Jiahua is sponsor 'Lang Town' project, when he served as county party secretary Nyingchi, who rode examine the surrounding environment. Cai Jiahua told Yangcheng Evening News reporter, in 2011, the Tibet Autonomous Region Government and the Guangdong provincial Government to 'Lang international tourist town' construction project as a national project to aid Tibet, has entered the 'soft opening stage', estimated in July and August can be the fastest welcoming.

Tough construction

After 'Lang Town' project proposed by the height of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the Guangdong provincial government and district government attention, the Guangdong Provincial Committee, Governor Zhu Xiaodan personally presided over the preparatory work for the project, heard a number of reports on the project, in particular to guide the work. It can be said, from the proposed project to the floor construction, very difficult.

Nyingchi Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General, Nyingchi rouland international tourist town of Field Engineering Headquarters Office deputy Renwang Yu said: 'The work of building the town how much light need the approval of the various reports have 470 more each? species planning bidding documents can be filled half the room. '

Xiebin Hui said that the construction rouland town, the biggest problem is poor natural conditions in the Indian Ocean warm air along the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon to the channel when Sejila Pass, blocked the mountain, so rouland abundant precipitation throughout the year, At the same time the formation of a so-called 'Eastern Switzerland' stunning views, but also to the construction of enormous difficulties. 'year, half the time is not appropriate started.'

'Lulang site to project headquarters office, I speak with people's voice has unwittingly several large degree. No way, tight construction, a reminder it is easy to get angry.' Wang Yu said.

Lang town scene Engineering Command Office General Department Director Weijian Kun, Tibet is the 'old man', after the end of the last batch of Tibet, and apply to stay for three years. He described the town in Guangdong Lang Tibet cadres ' three most ': First, the highest elevation here, the second is to stay the longest, because rush period, not to mention back to Guangdong, and even go up to 80 kilometers outside the urban areas have a limited number of Nyingchi, the third is the most difficult conditions, all staff living in the village, almost isolated.

'Look, we Cai Shuji, departmental-level cadres, and also live with us as in the board room, because the wall is thin, cold winter, dead, dead summer heat. No way, on this condition.' Wang Yu said.

The difficulty of construction postponed again and again from the 'soft opening' date can be seen, the relevant personnel revealed, originally scheduled for the end of May this year, 'soft opening', in fact to July and August to be realized.

Husband cried

Responsible for the project to promote the operation of fine yellow flowers often come rouland, Tibet and other staff Lang town, like living in a small town a kilometer away Cangzhai Rob village, living in a place called 'Dolma' Tibetans farm yard.

Rob is in fact on the hillside village, the foot of a fast-flowing river, across the snow-capped mountains and pastures, and beautiful scenery. Out of the small courtyard, you can see everywhere fresh cow dung.

'I came to Tibet, my husband has been very supported by this year 'May' He came to see me in Nyingchi, see I live in the environment, he cried.' Huang Xihua said that after coming to Tibet, taking advantage of her husband far away in Huizhou 'May Day' holiday came to visit her, to Rob village of residence, the husband was unable to control emotions, because here the level of hardship beyond his imagination. here, 'flower girls' can not help but choked several times.

But not long, 'flower girls', thus revealing her trademark smile again, 'Tourism is the best work, having fun while you work, so I'm very happy, I hope more people can come here, see here beauty. '

Tibet 'red network'

In fact, the self-proclaimed 'happy work' Huang Xihua, in the eyes of my colleagues has been a name 'workaholic.'

May 16, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter witnessed the 'flower girls' working fanatical side. 19:00, and she happily drove to an investor sightseeing organic farm, half an hour later, a few kilometers away to go again a rose base, totally did find other staff body language in the 'hungry' word.

Huang Xihua's 'workaholic' is also reflected in the ever-present on the network. Her personal microblogging, micro-channel circle of friends, the micro-channel public number constantly refresh to the 'pollen' (Huang Xihua online 'fans' push all kinds of information.

'! This is a very effective publicity ah' Huang Xihua said, 'I am now more popular a word - yes, net red!'

'Network Red' Sister Flowers retains previous habits, two mobile phones are specially designed mobile phone shell after their own micro-printed letters and numbers of the public two-dimensional code, scan code to make people meet people. 'My micro letter there are all kinds of people, including many pastoralists have added my micro letter, there is nothing directly through the micro-channel contact with me. '

Huang Xihua also new media like direct grafting activities -

May 13 morning, Lang Tashi Village held a special 'holy peaceful wonderland rouland' Exchange Conference, the participants are mainly international tourist town near Lang builders and several villages of the town villagers. and the sign in the form of relatively new exchange conference, each participant must take out a mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning newspaper everywhere to sign succeed.

Celebrity 'star' represents, with a prospect of unlimited tourist town, after adding together, will produce what kind of chemical reaction?

Lang Scenic Area Management Committee, deputy director Xiebin Hui said that from the 'flower girls' come back to Nyingchi tourism Huizhou 'pollen' there are dozens of batches.

'Flower girls' said, 'I want to do real Lulang town promotion, tourism and solid real poverty. Plants may move out, people may move, but tourism is not move, and is sustainable. '

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