Pension leave home village Shandongdongping "Happy Home" mutual aid pension investigation

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Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, May 23 - Title: rich village poor village can not leave the village to build retirement home - Shandongdongping 'Happy Home' mutual aid pension investigation

Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Xiaohui

The pension system is not perfect, functional weakening of family pension and other reasons, some rural areas Endowment into a 'government to discipline children raised well, agencies can not afford to build' dilemma.

Located in Shandong Province in the southwest of Tai'an City Dongping, rural old-age problem to crack, since 2013 to build more than 300 homes in rural happiness, so many left behind, empty nest elderly people living alone and had on a warm, cozy happy life, to explore the establishment Murai a simple model of the new pension.

· Mutual Elders leave home village

Great town Hou Wei Yang Dongping Sesson happy homes are among the first rural hospital happy, mainly converted from the old school, in addition to 10 new main building, there are 20 elderly people between 65 to 90 years of age. Reporters saw happiness is more than two or three old yard one room, room fans, TV, wardrobe and other necessities. there is an independent kitchen happy homes, chess room, toilet, shower. in addition, since the provision of a 1.5 courtyard acres of gardens, the supply of vegetables to the old people.

'The old man just to pay 160 yuan per month, to a certain village living allowance, can eat in the hospital happy, live well, and place the activities.' Hou Wei Sesson secretary, happiness Dean Zheng Changhua presentation, older people happy hospital mutual service, take care of younger older, good health care and weak; the legs to do a good cleaning, cooking good cooking make this arrangement, not only solve the worries of the elderly unattended, letting old people find a sense of presence. and a sense of belonging.

Mutual help is a distinctive feature of happy homes. Sesson happy to hospital Hou Wei Feng Delan children do not live with me, his wife died more than four years. She was admitted to hospital because the youngest man, responsible for the cleanliness of the whole hospital. 'After over life not NAO, many people crowded now want to return to the original home every day to go back to look, hurry back here. '

Village home leave, pension on the home front, Dongping is another characteristic of rural endowment.

Most of Dongping happiness hospital relying on the new rural construction, built in the 'heart' of the location of the village. Lizi Wu Dongping County Civil Affairs Bureau said that those who run good happy homes, all with the village 'two committees', Cultural Square built together. 'try to come up with the best location in the village to build happy homes. because there popularity, rich cultural life, the old man alone, a little thing to solve what is also very convenient.'

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Traditional Chinese: 養老離家不離村 山東東平"幸福院"互助養老調查

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